Commercial Keypads


The Premier Elite range of blue-backlight LCD keypads excels in any surroundings. With stunning looks and features to match, experience nothing but the very best in keypad design. Ideal for luxury homes and high value premises, these keypads can be used with Premier Series control panels.


Premier Elite FMK

Premier Elite SMK

Premier Elite LCDLP



Small CommercialSmall Commercial

Small Commercial Keypads


A range of high performance LCD and LED keypads featuring intuitive operation, ergonomic design, touchtone backlit keys and a host of innovative features. Premier Series keypads offer exceptional functionality for a wide variety of applications and can be used with Premier Series and Premier Elite Series control panels.


Premier LCD

Premier LCDL

Premier LCDP

Premier LCDLP

RKP4 LED Keypad

RKP8 LED Keypad

RKP16 LED Keypad

RKP8Plus LED Keypad

RKP16Plus LED Keypad






Residential Keypads


Wonderfully simple and easy to use, Veritas keypads remove the complexity often associated with security systems, ensuring that end-users feel confident in operation and can use the system appropriately. Perfect for residential premises, these keypads are exclusively used with Veritas Series control panels.


Veritas LED Keypad

Veritas Excel Keypad