Outdoor Passives

OPTEX VX INFINITY – Wired and Wireless

  • Series of outdoor PIR detectors VX INFINITY are successors of a world known VX-402 model.
  • An alarm signal is generated when two detection areas – upper and lower – are triggered simultaneously. It prevents false alarms generated by small animals.
  • Detection area 12m x 12m can be gradually shortened up to 2,5m and shaped on user demand using pre-cut masking seals.
  • Horizontal angle can be fixed at 7 positions.
  • Special blinds are built-in to decrease number of false alarms generated when detector is directed to a wall.
  • Digital processing and dedicated algorithm SMDA
  • (Super Multi Dimensional Analysis) analyzes each curve of PIR pulse, not only counting them. This is a real advantage in the outdoor environment.
  • Housing’s (environmental class IP55) sophisticated resin ASA is 5 times more resistible to UV than ABS, which is used in other detectors.
  • Detectors can be mounted on a wall directly or on a pole using standard metal bands.
  • Optional wall tamper is available.



AX-200TN – Point to Point Beams


The AX-200TN short range photoelectric detector is compact in design with an IP65 highly durable structure and 200ft detection range. Rubber packing is used for all conceivable points where water, dust or bugs may penetrate, such as wiring holes, wire ports and the outer chassis. Preventing these factors helps deliver performance with higher reliability in severe outdoor environmental condition. In addition, the length between the upper and lower optics, and the width of the optics are ideally engineered to produce the most intelligent detection pattern which reduces false alarms by detecting human intruders only.


HX-40 – Wired and Wireless Outdoor Passives


The HX-40 is a high mount outdoor detector for mid level to high end applications where reliability and performance is a must. The unique pyro-element developed by Optex provides a multiple pattern detection with 94 high density detection zones and accurate discrimination function for spot temperature changes of moving objects. These features drastically reduce fales and missed alarms caused by severe outdoor environmental changes and provide a wide range of applications. Accurate detection performance is necessary is such environments, and the HX-40 meets these requirements.


HX-80 – Wired and Wireless Outdoor Passives


The HX-80N is a high mount, outdoor passive infrared detector that provides the stability and reliability necessary for an outdoor PIR sensor. The most important element in reliable outdoor detector is accuracy to distinguish a human from a small animal. The exclusive pyro element on board enables the HX to project an ideal detection pattern, thus allowing for more accurate detection of humans and less false alarms. In addition, the HX-80N’s dual PIR’s and 20 detection zones utilize the ‘AND’ detection pattern technology – upper and lower detection areas have to be activated in order to generate an alarm condition. This technology helps to prevent false alarms caused by a pet or small animal. The HX Series’ detection length can be limited to avoid unwanted detection, and it’s short range zones can be masked if needed. By limiting the detection range, false alarms due to unwanted movement (cars, persons or animals outside the protected area) can be eliminated.


BX-80 – Wired and Wireless Dual Beam


With long, narrow detection areas that extend from both its sides the BX-80N is specifically designed to be wall-mounted centrally on a building, covering the building perimeter with a multi-layered, horizontal barrier that detects intruders before they break in. To help reduce false activations, the range can be adjusted so that detection extends only to the end of the building. The unit also has a size-judging function, which helps it discriminate between large and small objects within the detection area.